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City of Peterborough Academy


Although EAL is not a National Curriculum subject, we provide a lot of opportunities for our new arrivals before they access mainstream lessons. Our various interventions are, in the first instance, designed to develop functional language and then expand subject related vocabulary to help with transitions to lessons.

We take into consideration that every pupil is different thus, for some, it may take a little bit longer to adjust. We also make sure that transition is as smooth as possible and that our new additions do not feel that they underachieve.

With new arrivals and more advanced learners, we follow Project 1-5 pupil books, workbooks and the website:, to ensure consistency in delivering EAL. Tasks are challenging for every pupil so that they move from one level to another steadily. Pupils are fully aware of the progress they are making in EAL and what needs to be done to achieve it. They also have an opportunity to grammatically develop in four areas of learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Additionally, we run a Young Interpreters Scheme for those pupils who are fully bilingual. These pupils receive badges and certificates upon completing the training and are involved in interpreting and translating activities around the Academy, attending certain parent meetings/evenings and help non-English speaking pupils to feel welcome and included.

EAL Staff

Head of Languages & Language Development Mr M Konteh

EAL Teacher

EAL Teacher

Mrs H Souifi

Ms J Boulton