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City of Peterborough Academy

KS3 & KS4 Art & Design

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7


Pupils explore how colour theory works and how artists use colour to convey feelings and meaning. They will produce artwork based on their own observational drawings and use these, plus inspiration taken from artists work to produce art works which shows experimentation with colour mixing and basic art skills.


Pupils explore how to use materials and techniques with particular reference to the formal elements. Pupils will produce material experiments and learn how to combine materials together to create artwork, based on secondary and primary sources, on a theme of ‘Insects’. Artists that use mixed media in their art will be researched and used as inspiration for a final outcome.


Pupils explore how artists develop ideas and produce their work (materials and techniques). They will produce material experiments and learn how to combine materials together to create artwork, based on secondary and primary sources, on the theme of Still Life. They will also investigate the way artists use objects to represent certain meanings in their work and will personalise their work with their own objects and symbolism.

Year 8


Pupils will learn about the proportions of the face, and the human body, using this knowledge and drawing skills to accurately draw a self-portrait in pencil with tone. Artists work will be analysed and pupils will question why and how the work has been made. From this discussion they will use a variety of tools in Photoshop to digitally manipulate an image of their own face. The distorted image will then lead on to media experimentation and creating a final portrait.

Cultural Art

Pupils will look at how other cultures use and produce a diverse range of art and design. They will explore and develop an understanding of the items’ cultural meaning and production. The main focus for the project will be totem poles; pupils will look at cultures that use totem poles to symbolise elements of their culture. The formal elements will be referred to throughout the research and planning stage and pupils may draw upon elements of their own culture in their final piece.


Pupils will look at artists that use architecture (and the buildings in their environment) to inspire their work. They will use and produce a range of ideas developed from research drawings and produce a final outcome based on buildings and architecture. Pupils will continue to demonstrate their knowledge of the formal elements to inform their preparation work leading to their final piece.


KS4 Curriculum

GCSE Art & Design

60% Coursework + 40% Externally Set Task

The GCSE follows on from the work at Key Stage 3 and has an emphasis on the process of developing both ideas and final outcomes. It is about having an imaginative and enquiring approach to art and design, whilst developing the necessary skills to express your ideas.

Pupils develop their own individual coursework projects from a common starting point deciding on an area of study they wish to follow. Pupils are encouraged to use and experiment with a variety of media, techniques and approaches.

During the course there will be opportunities to explore different techniques using a variety of media including; drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, digital art and photography.

If pupils are successful at GCSE they may wish to go on further with A Level in Art and Design and then on to College or University to study for a career in the creative Industries such as; advertising, marketing, design, architecture, publishing, or the media.

The study of Art can help develop transferable skills which can be taken into most    careers or employment.

Assessment information

Coursework portfolio 60%

Externally set assignment 40%

Coursework is mainly carried out in sketchbooks demonstrating evidence of the ‘Assessment Objectives’. The examination paper in Year 11 is provided to pupils eight weeks prior to the 10 hour examination in order to develop their preparatory work. The final outcome is then produced in examination conditions over two days (10 hours in total).

KS3 & KS4 Art & Design

Art Staff

Head of Art & Design Mrs R Tanner
Teacher of Art Miss C Turner
Teacher of Art

Mr R Paul

Teacher of Art

                                                          Mrs M Nottingham