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City of Peterborough Academy

KS3 Design and Technology

KS3 Design and Technology Curriculum

At the City of Peterborough Academy, pupils are taught according to the level they are working towards. Year 7 pupils are assessed at the start of the year to establish a starting point. Pupils then follow episodes of learning to ensure that all pupils progress and achieve, making at least expected progress by the end of KS3 to enable pupils to go on to appropriate courses at KS4. Regular assessment takes place to guarantee all pupils can track their progress and work on the areas for improvement with ease. There is a strong focus on practical skills where pupils will become familiar with different materials and ingredients. They will use a range of different processes and techniques to produce final outcomes in all areas of Design and Technology. They will have the opportunity to take part in challenges throughout the year, which will build on their problem solving, communication, negotiation, leadership and decision making skills.

Food Technology

Throughout the Food Technology units of work pupils learn how to prepare and cook a variety of dishes. They are encouraged to show creativity by developing their own recipes and ideas whilst following the hygiene rules, using specific cutting techniques and working as a team in order to clean their work space appropriately. Pupils have the opportunity to create, plan and evaluate their dishes for each practical cooking lesson.

Year 7 – Healthy eating
Year 8 – Food staples

Product Design

The opportunities for practical designing and making in this discipline focus on a wide range of materials that include paper wood, and plastics.  The projects incorporate a rich variety of materials and approaches, allowing creativity and diversity in designing and making products.  Pupils work through the design and make process in order to create quality and purposeful products.

Year 7 – Keyrings
Year 8 – Art Deco clocks


In Year 8 pupils complete a Batik project. They look at the traditional processes that were used by the Javanese and West African cultures and it allows for creative responses when designing the final outcome. The final outcome includes hot wax and procion dye and demonstrates the pupils skill and control with the materials. Their responses should also link well to their chosen culture.

Graphics Products

In Year 9 pupils write, illustrate and make their own children’s book. The process involves hand-drawn illustrations, working with Photoshop, writing an appropriate story for their target customer, and making the book using MDF to a high quality finish.

Design & Technology staff

Head of Art, Design & Technology Mrs R Tanner
Teacher of Art, Design & Technology Miss C Turner
Teacher of Art, Design & Technology Miss E Mynott
Teacher of Art, Design & Technology, KS4 Food & Nutrition Mr R Paul