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City of Peterborough Academy

KS4 Business Studies

Awarding body OCR

Award (equivalence) Level 2


Business Studies is a relevant subject for anybody considering a managerial career in either the private or public sectors. The course looks at both internal and external factors at play in business decision making and develops a student’s analytical and evaluative responses through the use of case studies and data. Given globalization, business is playing an even greater role in the life of everybody on the planet and so it is ever more vital to gain an understanding of the issues covered by this course.

Course Outline

Controlled Assessment 25% - Marketing and enterprise

Exam I hour 25% - Business and People

Exam 1 hour 30 Minutes 50% - Production, finance and the external environment


Business Studies equips pupils with a core understanding of the Business world leading them to a number of pathways further educations or employment.

Business Studies Staff

Teacher of Computer Science & Business Studies Mr A Hunneyball
Teacher of Business Studies and Computer Science Mr Littler