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City of Peterborough Academy

KS4 Geography

Geography at GCSE is split into three disparate areas; the physical world, the human world, and fieldwork studies.

When examining the physical world students study tectonic and weather hazards, climate change and ecosystems (hot and cold environments alongside smaller local areas) and the physical landscapes of the UK.

The human world topic covers development and urbanisation, economic development and quality of life, and global resource management including food and water.

The fieldwork section of the course proposes a research question for students who will spend two days (either separately or on a single residential visit) researching and gathering data in order to answer that question.


All three sections are assessed with a separate exam paper, each 1hr and 45m long.

GCSE Geography Staff

Head of Humanities / Teacher of KS4 Geography Mr D Thayer
Teacher of KS3 & KS4 Geography Mr S Downie
  Teacher of KS4 Geography / Deputy Principal Mr B Pearce