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City of Peterborough Academy

Key Staff

Senior Leadership Team

The Academy is led by Mrs A Emmerson, the Principal. There is also a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consisting of a Deputy Principal, Ben Pearce, four Assistant Principals and a Director of Achievement.


Mrs A Emmerson

Deputy Principal

Mr B Pearce
 Assistant Principal  Assistant Principal Assistant Principal  Assistant Principal Director of Achievement
  Mrs S Ellwood-Jeal Mr D Baines Mr H Sauntson Mrs R Spencer Mrs M Budner


Curriculum Management is undertaken by Heads of Department who are responsible for the efficient delivery of the curriculum.

Heads of Year manage the year teams and oversee the pastoral welfare of all pupils.

    Heads of Year  

 Head of Year 7   Head of Year 8  Head of Year 9  Head of Year 10 Head of Year 11
   Mrs A Brown Mr R Paul Mr F Vaughan Mr J Ferrara

Miss E Beal

Middle Leadership team

Adam Curtis

Director of Careers, History

Adam Lewis

Head of English


Alyson Roxburgh



Daniel Thayer

Head of Humanities


Dani Millard

Second in Humanities, History


Farzana Perveen-Sabeel

Teacher i/c Computer Science/Business Studies (M/L)


Fidelis Mugova

Second in Science


Fiona Hopkins

Second in MFL (P/T; Mon, Wed, Thu)


James Fletcher

Head of Science


Jessica Davey

Teacher i/c Drama


Lucy Sheldrake

Teacher i/c Music


Maliki Konteh

Head of MFL


Rebecca Tanner

Head of Art and Design Technology (M/L)


Sarah Ferrara

Deputy Head of Year 7, Science


Steve Wilkinson

Head of PE


Teresa Akgunduz

Teacher i/c Health & Social Care, Maths


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