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City of Peterborough Academy

Pastoral Overview

Year 7 Base

The move from primary school to a large secondary can be daunting. We recognise this and understand that parents need to feel reassured that their children feel happy and safe during this transition period. On entry, Year 7 pupils are located in their own area of the Academy which is for their use only. They have a dedicated library and computer suite available at lunchtime. Feedback indicates pupils feel safe and secure in this environment.

Years 8-11

For pupils in these years, we adopt a traditional approach with pupils moving to lessons in specialist areas around the main school.

The welfare of our pupils is very important to us. We want our pupils to enjoy coming to the Academy, to feel safe and to be successful. We believe the most effective pastoral model is year-based. Our Year teams have a Head of Year, a Deputy Head of Year and a team of tutors. Each Year team is supported by a dedicated member of the Senior Leadership team. Each pupil is placed in an appropriate tutor group. Each of these groups is in the charge of a Form Tutor, who plays a major role in supporting each individual child. The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for parents. It is the responsibility of the Head of Year to co-ordinate and support the work of the Deputy Head of Year, the Form Tutors and to oversee the academic and social progress of the year as a whole.


The City of Peterborough Academy and the GDFT take their responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults very seriously and all staff, no matter what their role, will be committed to the policies and procedures to ensure all individuals are kept safe, free from harm and have their needs and welfare promoted at all times. This includes the welfare of colleagues and those who have any role to play in the life of the Academy.