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City of Peterborough Academy


GCSE Citizenship - Key Stage 4

What will students do in this subject?

Pupils gain a deeper knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop skills to create sustained and reasoned arguments, present various viewpoints and plan practical citizenship actions to benefit society. 

They will also gain the ability to recognise bias, critically evaluate argument, weigh evidence and look for alternative interpretations and sources of evidence, all of which are essential skills valued by higher education and employers. 

Pupils are assessed in two examinations, each 1 hour and 45 minutes long. 

Why Citizenship?

Citizenship at GCSE can lead to many different areas, both in terms of further education and career options.

Further Education

A Citizenship GCSE is important for anyone considering further education in the following subjects:

- Geography
- Environmental studies
- Economics
- Sociology and Anthropology
- Health and Social Care
- Social Work
- Politics
- Government 

Any other relevant information?
The GCSE Citizenship Studies specification will motivate and educate pupils to become thoughtful and active citizens who engage intelligently and enthusiastically with public life.

What might the subject lead into?

Popular careers for people with citizenship qualifications include: surveying, charity work, social work, council planning, conservation, local and national government, social research, news and media, recruitment, and journalism.

The army, police, government, research organisations, law and business world also love the practical research skills that those with citizenship qualifications develop.