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City of Peterborough Academy

Guidance for accessing live lessons and resources

All pupils not attending on-site provision are expected to engage with online learning everyday following their normal school timetable.  Please see guides below on how to access live lessons.


Pupils can access resources and apps to continue their learning by logging into Airhead by visiting

Their usual school email and password is all that they need to log in successfully.

If they are having problems logging in or have forgotten your password, please email the relevant year team with your name and the problem.


Once they have logged into Airhead, pupils should be able to access Teams from their launchpad. 

In many cases, they will be able to go to the Class Notebook, Files and Assignments tabs to access lesson resources. Pupils can see comments from their class Teacher in posts.

They will also be able to go to the Assignments tab to see what homework and assessments have been set, download them, upload their work and view their feedback.

The resources and tasks for each lesson are uploaded each day through the class group Team.

If you would like further guidance in how you can support your child using Teams please click here for parent support. There are also guides here (see below) for students to use Teams to access their work.

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