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City of Peterborough Academy

KS3 & KS4 Music

Music Curriculum

At The City of Peterborough Academy the Music Department supports pupils to achieve and exceed their potential. Pupils gain self-confidence and team work skills through practical, creative and flexible teaching methods.

Extra-curricular activities on offer aim to increase pupil motivation for, and enjoyment of, school music, to engage all pupils in music participation and to help pupils to become more confident with music making, raising their self-esteem. Peripatetic music lessons are available to all pupils. Year 7 pupils are entitled to a free trial which enables them to experience lessons at no cost before opting to continue.

The music department also offer a West End theatre trip each year to excite and motivate pupils.

Year 7

Pupils in Year 7 study a broad curriculum to ensure that some of the basic skills are in place in order to achieve their full potential throughout KS3.

Pupils start their year by exploring the key musical elements and create their own ‘haunted house’ composition. Throughout the year students will develop their practical skills through schemes of work that explore keyboard skills, African drumming, ukulele and singing.

Year 8

Music in Year 8 is a trip around the world (not literally!) to discover and play music from different cultures. Pupils start in Brazil, move up to the USA to study blues, and look at how slavery led to the 12 bar blues, before heading off to the Caribbean island of Jamaica to study Reggae. Indian and Indonesian music are also studied.

KS4 Music

Currently the music department offers BTEC Music to KS4 students. The BTEC course gives pupils an insight of what it is like to work in the music industry, exploring job roles and how to get a break as an artist. The pupils have the opportunity to organise their own event as part of the ‘Managing a Music Product’ unit.

The course offers three other course work units giving pupils the opportunity to specialise in music technology and/or performance.

Performance pupils in KS4 have free peripatetic lessons to aid their performance unit.

Music Staff

Teacher of Music                                                                                Miss C Plaice
Teacher of Music / Peripatetic teacher                                                                                Mrs S Line
Peripatetic teacher                                                                                Mr C Ogden
Peripatetic teacher                                                                                Mr M Firko