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City of Peterborough Academy

Maths, Business and IT Faculty







Faculty – Maths, Business and ICT

A Iqbal                                     Assistant Principal, Faculty Lead                               AIQ

C Cook                                    Teaching and Learning Lead, PE, Maths                   CCO

P Broadbent                           Standards and Progress Lead, Maths                       PBR

A Hunneyball                         Head of Year 9, Co Science, B/Studies                       AHU

A Naib                                     Maths, ITT                                                                    ANA

B Hart                                      Maths                                                                          BHA

F Perveen-Sabeel                   Computer Science/Business Studies                       FPE

H Buckman                            Computer Science (ML)                                              HBU

J Akpan                                   Maths                                                                            JAK

J Hammond                            Co Science / Business Studies                                  JHA

J Everett                                 Maths (ML)                                                                   JEV

L Phillips (Clark)                    Maths                                                                          LPH

M Budner                               Senior Assistant Principal, Maths                            MBU

S Hussain                               Maths                                                                          SHU

R Naz                                      HLTA Maths                                                                RNA