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City of Peterborough Academy

Modern Foreign Languages

GCSE Spanish - Key Stage 4

What will students do in this subject?

Pupils will study all of the following themes:

- Identity and culture 
- Local, national, international and  global areas of interest
- Current and future study and employment 

Pupils will be assessed at the end of the two year course.

Course content

The course is suitable for pupils who have studied Spanish at Key Stage 3 who now wish to further develop their language skills. 

Pupils will be expected to work hard and undertake vocabulary learning as part of independent work. 

Students will have the opportunity to talk to Spanish teenagers from Barcelona through our GCSE exchange programme. 

Any other relevant information? 
To give pupils more time to complete the course and get to grips with the grammar and the language, pupils will start to study the vocabulary and grammar necessary for GCSE in the summer term of Year 9. 

What might the subject lead into?

The GCSE Spanish course not only prepares pupils for the job market, allowing them to communicate effectively and confidently, but also enriches their knowledge of society and culture outside the UK, making them true global citizens, fully prepared for the world of work and able to adapt to any situation. Further education choices include: A­level Spanish followed by a degree in: Hispanic studies, Law with Spanish, Art History with Spanish, Journalism with Spanish, Economics with Spanish. 

Career choices could include: International Marketing Manager, Translator, Interpreter, International Lawyer, Bilingual PA, International Accountant, International Journalist, Languages Teacher.