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City of Peterborough Academy

Music- Key Stage 4

Music - Key Stage 4

What will students do in this subject?

Music is one of the few subjects that gives pupils a creative outlet. 

Music helps pupils to build confidence and learn how to work collaboratively as a team. Memory skills are sharpened  as pupils practise and perform musical pieces. 

Music also allows students to express themselves, through instrument or voice, and listen to music that gives them a chance to experience new cultures, intruments and sounds.

Course content

Pupils will be assessed on an instrument (which includes voice) of their choice. It is expected that students will have basic skills in that instrument when they start the course. There are two performances, one solo and one as part of a group. 

Students will be tasked with creating their own music. They will be creating two compositions, one based on an area of study, but also a free composition for students to showcase their creativity.  

Pupils will study four different areas of study, and these will be tested through a listening paper. Pupils will be expected to listen analytically and apply their knowledge of music theory and style.  

What might the subject lead into?

This course will allow students to take music, either a Level 3 course in BTEC Performing Arts / Music or taking A ­Level Music.  

This subject gives students a range of different skills that are transferrable and can be applied to any further education course and career path that they may wish to pursue.