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City of Peterborough Academy


We look forward to welcoming you to City of Peterborough Academy to start your secondary education journey.  Please find below two booklets for you to enjoy; one booklet has lots of key information about the Academy and the other pupil booklet is for you to print and complete to share with your tutor when you first start school.

Please also visit our Uniform tab in the For Adults At Home section, to get your uniform ordered.  If you have any questions please email us at:


Please watch our virtual transition tour of CoPA by following the link below:



Good Morning everyone,


Here at CoPA we hope you are safe and well. With your child's first day with us at CoPA fast approaching, who else would be better from and get some advice and guidance from, our own pupils!


Here at CoPA to support our younger pupils we have some Humanutopia Heroes in our older age groups who are always on hand to support pupils through their time at school. Our Heroes have been busy over the summer holidays looking at ways in which they could support our new year 7's and have devised eight videos they wish to share with you over the coming week before starting. Please see below an overview of these.


  • Introduction from our Heroes and what to expect from videos
  • What it’s like to be a student at COPA
  • Activity competition
  • Positive relationships & Heroes Question time
  • Uniform
  • Activity competition
  • Question time
  • What to expect in September

We hope you enjoy the videos and they will help answer any questions you may have. In the meantime should you have any queries at all please feel free to contact us on our transition email:


Video 1 A welcome from our heroes:

Video 2 Introduction to our heroes:

Video 3 Activity time:

Video 4 Positive relationships: