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City of Peterborough Academy



We expect students to have perfect uniform all the time. 

The Academy has strict guidelines on dress and all students will be expected to wear the full Academy uniform. The wearing of our distinctive uniform gives students a sense of 'belonging', helps foster a pride in the Academy and stops students coming to the Academy in unsuitable clothes. Our purpose is to set students up for post-16 education and employment, where there will also be uniform compliance.

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The Academy uniform comprises:

- Plain white school shirt. Purple (KS3) or black (KS4) polo shirts are allowed to be worn in the Summer Term only instead of shirt and tie.

- Academy tie.

 -Black trousers, black shorts or skirt. Leggings of any description, jeans and cords are not allowed. Shorts must only be worn in the Summer Term. Skirts and shorts should be the standard Academy skirt with school logo on (available from the Academy uniform supplier) and must be no shorter than just above the knee in length.

- Academy V-neck jumper with logo (KS3 – Purple; KS4 – Black).

- Some students may wish to wear a Salwar Kameez, in either purple (KS3) or black (KS4).  The Kameez must be knee length.

Students are expected to wear the Academy uniform when travelling to and from the Academy, at all Academy functions and on visits by parties or sports teams.

Students may wear one earring in any part of the outer ear, not just the lobes, on each ear. Students may wear a stud or hoop earring. The hoop must not be more than 1cm in diameter.

Students are permitted to wear one gold or silver nose stud, which will need to be removed for practical activities. Nose rings or other non-stud nose piercings are not allowed.

Students may wear one banded ring on one hand.

Shoes should be black and sensible for school use, flat soled or with very low heels, no more than half an inch at the front of the heel. High heeled shoes are quite unsuitable and are dangerous on our school sites. Boots or trainers are not to be worn.

Excessive hair styles are not permitted.  This includes unnatural hair colours and haircuts of an extreme nature.

Visible or excessive make-up, eyelash extensions, false nails or nail extensions are not permitted at the Academy. Nails must be a sensible length and a natural colour.

If uniform is not correct, students will either be sent home to rectify the issue or be provided with correct new spare uniform in the meantime. Students cannot refuse these requests.

The principal’s decision on all items in the uniform section is final and binding.

Personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops are also not allowed in the Academy and will be confiscated if found.




Uniform can be ordered by visiting the following website: .

Contact details for ChromaSport:

Unit 10, Wulfric Square
01733 262526